The Guy Factor

I am going to make a statement that most all of us will agree with. Guys are very different than girls. If you have both boys and girls as children then you know this all too well.  In preparing for  a breakout session for camp called Guys 101 I had the chance to review a book I read years ago called Wild At Heart. It is a book written about men and what makes us unique.


In this book the author points out an interesting fact about guys. It goes all the way back to creation. Scripture teaches us that women were created in the Garden of Eden from man. However the creation of man took place in a totally different place. See man was created outside of the garden in the wilderness and God placed him in this very specific place. I believe that this reality creates two specific characteristics for us guys that drive our lives.


1.  An adventurous spirit. We love thrills and adrenaline rushes. We were created in the wild in the midst of extreme adventure, and as such we crave this in our lives.


2.  Boundary pushers. Because we were created outside the box we crave to live outside the limits instead of inside controlled environments.


When I understood this reality about myself I better understood why I loved adventure and always wanted to push the boundaries. I hope that this helps you to better understand the guys in your life and how as parents you can connect with how they are wired.