The Grenade of Gratitude – Discussion Questions



In everything give thanks; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus. (1 Thessalonians 5:18 NASB)


What was your most memorable Thanksgiving?


Pastor Chris began our message by reminding us that the government named this holiday, Thanksgiving. It’s a great time of the year that many of us look forward to, especially the delicious food and time together. It is EASY for us to stay home from work, but it is not nearly as easy for us to be grateful. Gratitude is against our human nature. But as Christ followers, we are a new creation, one that houses the Holy Spirit in our hearts. Our Salvation alone should cause an outpouring of gratitude. Pastor challenged us to “throw a grenade” of gratitude. Doing so defeats the devil and pushes out darkness, depression, and discouragement. Be thankful IN everything not FOR everything. Four thankful thoughts to consider this week:
1-Express your gratitude by faith- “faith it” even when you don’t feel grateful, and the feeling of gratitude will follow. Don’t be led by your feelings, follow your faith- as Christ followers, we know we are to be grateful.
2- Express thanks for the small stuff. Don’t take everything for granted, and don’t complain! The more you complain, the less you obtain.
3- Express thanks during tribulation. This shows faith in our Heavenly Father.
4- Express thanks tangibly. Show it to God in worship, show it to family and to friends. Be thankful for more than stuff. Thank Him for people, relationships, even for our difficulties- with faith knowing He is at work sanctifying us.


Read Luke 17: 11-14.

1) What did leprosy represent in the Bible?
2) What did a leper have to do once they were healed from the disease? (See Leviticus 14)
3) Recall the significance of the mixed company- 9 Jews and 1 Samaritan. Jews and Samaritans were not often in the same company, but leprosy gave them common ground. Have you ever made new friend through sharing a common trial?
4) Jesus sent the 10 away before they were healed, and they responded in faith. Do you trust God in your life to follow Him even without knowing the outcome? Can you share a time you stepped out in faith?

Read Luke 17:15-17.

5) How many thanked Jesus for the miraculous healing? Describe how Jesus was thanked.
6) How might the Samaritan’s faith be affected?
7) What do you think the significance was that the grateful person was a Samaritan?

Read Ephesians 5:18-20

8) In this passage, what are the effects of being filled with the Holy Spirit?
9) As Christ followers, we are not to be whiners, but winners in the faith, grateful for the goodness of God and His mercies towards us. Consider how others see you, your words and your attitudes. Is there something you can improve?
10) Pastor reminded us that gratitude is the “gate” you take to God. Share with your group how you can be grateful for things you might normally overlook this week.


1) Leprosy is a real disease, but is also represents the way sin invades our lives and can eat us alive.
2) A leper was required to visit the priest so that the priest could confirm the healing and also make a sacrifice.