The Goods Week 2 – Discussion Questions


Do not be deceived. We rarely see the fine print or the end result of giving in to temptation.


Have you ever been burned by not reading the fine print?


Satan wants to sell us a bill of goods. Every store we walk into has numerous shelves and racks of items we would like to have. Not all of these are bad; however, any excess would be harmful. Then there are things we see online or on television. Some advertisements online tempt us into places we know we shouldn’t go, such as sexual illustrations. Keep in mind that the temptor does not tell you the end of the story. Temptation is set up to destroy you, to keep you from God’s best. These sins not only affect you, but they also affect your family. We may think that no one will find out and no one will be hurt. That rarely turns out to be true. Just as when we were little kids our parents set boundaries on where we could go and what we could do, so God seeks to protect us from what could destroy us.


Read Ephesians 6:10-12.
1. Why does God want us to put on His “whole armor?”
2. According to verse 12 what do we battle against?

Read James 1:14-15.
3. How does Satan use our bodies and minds against us?

Read Ephesians 5:11.
4. To what extent should we be involved with questionable thinking or actions?
5. How can we counteract such darkness?

Read 1 John 2:16.
6. Why do we seem to have so much trouble fighting temptation?

Read Joshua 7:11-12 and Joshua 7:21-25.
7. Was Achan the only individual punished for his sin?
8. What point does this punishment make? Have you witnessed how one person’s sin can affect and hurt many others?

Read Jeremiah 29:11 and Jeremiah 1:5.
9. At what point in our lives does God make plans for us?
10. What do you think God’s hope and future is for you?
11. It can be easy to twist what God says and assume that God’s ultimate goal is for us to be happy. Discuss the difference between God wanting what is best for us and God wanting us to be happy. How can deceiving ourselves about God’s motives make us more likely to fall into temptation?


1. to successfully stand up against Satan’s deceits
2. rulers (despots), powers, world rulers of darkness, spiritual forces
3. our own evil desires (lust, passions)
4. none at all
5. expose the lies to light
6. Satan constantly puts in us cravings for the unhealthy (overeating, junk food, alcohol), lust (for possessions that we would idolize, sex), and things that would make us boastful
7. No; all of Achan’s sons and daughters were stoned, then burned
8. An individual’s sin affects several others, especially family. Leaders, be particularly careful not to let this discussion question descend into gossip or slandering others. We can learn from others’ mistakes without sharing names and spreading gossip.
9. shortly after conception or perhaps before conception