The Goods Week 1 – Discussion Questions



Satan tempts us to destroy us; God tests us to develop us.


What tempts you more- sweet treats or salty snacks?


This weekend, Pastor Josh kicked off our new series, The Goods, by addressing the impact temptation has on our lives. He clarified that Satan tempts us to destroy us, but God tests us to develop us. Temptations lead us away from God, but times of testing draw us closer to God. Satan is essentially a “Sleazy Salesman”, who is selling us “the goods”. We must remember that these goods are overpriced and of poor quality. Although they may let us experience temporary gain, they eventually lead us to pain. Satan is crafty and a liar. When he tempts us, he reveals future potential, but he NEVER reveals the future pain. His goal is to lure us away from God and from God’s plan for our lives. He knows our weaknesses and what tempts us or lures us away, and he tries to convince us that God is really limiting our potential. Pastor Josh offered some practical advice for when we face temptation. First, we should consider asking God to clarify the outcome for us, and second, we should ask Him to show us a way out. In summary, God tests us to produce obedience that leads to greater trust in the future. When Satan tempts us, the focus is on an object that leads to temporary fulfillment today but a greater regret tomorrow. We as Believers must commit to finding a way out of temptation and having the right perspective when God tests us.


Read James 1:13-15.
1. According to this passage, where does temptation come from?
2. What happens when one gives in to an evil desire?
3. Why do God’s people still have temptations?
4. Why do you think God allows Satan to tempt us?
5. What kind of excuses do people make for evil thoughts and wrong actions?
6. As Christ followers, what are we expected to do when we fall into temptation and sin?

Read James 1:2-4.
7. In this passage, does James say “if you face trials” or “whenever” you face them? What does this mean to you?
8. Why does God test us?
9. Discuss ways a believer can turn a trial into a triumph. How is a mature Christ follower protected from Satan’s schemes?
10. Share with one another a significant test you endured and the outcome that came from it.

Read 1 Corinthians 10:13.
11. What is the take-home message from this verse?
12. How can God help you when you are being tempted?
13. What are some practical steps you can take to avoid temptation?

Read Genesis 22:2.
14. When we are tested like Abraham, what are the possible reponses?
15. What was God testing when He asked Abraham to sacrifice Isaac?
16. As you have been tested throughout your life, do you find your perspective changing? How so?

Read Genesis 22:5.
17. Knowing some of Abram’s/Abraham’s past, how had his response evolved over the years?
18. Discuss a situation in which God is testing or has recently tested you. What do you think God is trying to show you or teach you?
19. Contemplate an area in your life where it is difficult to fully obey God. What do you think is holding you back from surrendering all to Him? How can your group pray for you as you take steps to completely obey God?


1. It is sent from Satan and encouraged by our own evil desire. It is not from God.
2. It gives birth to sin and ultimately to death. It is a snowball effect- it grows more destructive the more we allow it to have its way.
3. Because we are still sinners and fall short of God’s glory.
4. Situations that tempt us allows us to refine our faith and grow in our dependence on Jesus. We can resist temptation to sin by turning to God for strength and choosing to obey His Word.
5. Answers may vary, but possibilities include it’s the other person’s fault, I couldn’t help it, everyone’s doing it, it was just a mistake, nobody’s perfect, the devil made me do it, I was pressured into it, I didn’t know it was wrong, God is tempting me.
6. Accept responsibility, confess the sin, repent and ask God for forgiveness.
7. James knows that we will have trials and that it is possible to benefit from them. We can be victors instead of victims!
8. He wants to mature us in our faith.
9. Start with an attitude of joy and evaluate the trial in light of what God is doing for us NOT against us. When we persevere in a trial, this shows courage and patience in the face of suffering and difficulty – not passive acceptance. As we mature in Christ and see how we can overcome trials with God’s help, these victories give us confidence as we face new trials.
11. Wrong desires and temptations happen to everyone, so don’t feel like you’ve been singled out. Also, others have resisted temptation, and so can you. Finally, any temptation can be resisted because God will help you resist it and show you the way out.
12. God can help you recognize those people and situations that give you trouble. He can help you run from anything you know is wrong and help you choose to do what is right. He is faithful and He answers prayer!
13. Know what your “lure” is. Recognize it and turn away – a full 180°! Pray. Stay in God’s Word. Surround yourself with other believers who can help you and hold you accountable.
14. We can either choose to complain, or we can try to see things from God’s perspective – see how He is stretching us to develop our character.
15. God was testing Abraham’s obedience.
16. Answers may vary.
17. Over the years, Abraham had learned many tough lessons about the importance of obeying God. This time, his obedience was prompt and complete. He did not take matters into his own hands; he followed God’s command and fully trusted that He would keep His promise of making a nation out of his descendants.