The Focus of Our Trip: Jamaica Day Four

Today our team headed to New Hope, which is a children’s home here in Jamaica.  Amanda is a Jamaican-American who runs the home and cares for the children.  There are around 25 children who live there at any given time. The focus of our visit was to love on the children, as well as supply any needs that may arise including projects around the building and providing various supplies.  Visiting these children and then having to leave is one of the hardest parts of the trip, as it can be very heartbreaking.

Our team has worked on various projects since coming to Jamaica.  Some members of the team traveled to KnockPatrick to help dig holes to prepare for the many coffee trees to be planted there.  The coffee beans that will someday grow there will then be sent to Deaf Can, the coffee venture operated by the Deaf students in Kingston.  This cause is very dear to our team, as we continue to support Deaf Can buy purchasing coffee products and merchandise, as well as helping to prepare for the planting of coffee trees to grow their coffee business.  Other members of the team worked on various projects around JDV.  Some members of the team helped to mix and pour concrete in a few shower stalls in the conference center, while others completed various painting projects around the village.

Although labor is a part of the trip, it is emphasized that the focus of this trip is on relationships.  Our team strives to build relationships with individuals here at JDV, while working alongside them.  Many of us have taken this trip before and in talking with other team members, we have noticed that by building these relationships over numerous trips, we have been able to go deeper and have more meaningful conversations about Christ with our friends.  The friendships and fellowship is invaluable and something I will never forget.

Ali Mickle