The Difference Between All-Too-Typical Groups and Life-Transforming Communities

Recently I received some e-mails from a couple who shared some insight from their time leading, growing, and now starting a new group. They expressed many of the frustrations and excitement of group leadership and community development. Interestingly, it was an article from that helped frame these frustrations in a way that led to a life-changing community.

Matt and I have been small group leaders for about 2.5 years. We recently saw rapid growth in our group and have “birthed” a new one. … As such, we have been reflecting on our experiences and lessons we have learned through being group leaders the last couple of years. I loved this article because it really gets to the heart of community – something I think we both strived for but never felt we really succeeded at. Sure, our small group has thrived and has grown – but when it comes down to it, we don’t have that deep, meaningful sort of community that this article talks about – what I have been yearning for but not quite sure how to achieve. … I couldn’t ever quite figure out what we were doing wrong, but as I read this article, I realized we were pretty much 0 for 5. Sure, we would do some of those things some of the time, but on a consistent basis – they just weren’t happening. … I know there are some groups out there who are getting it right, but I can tell you from my own experience, there are some who could benefit from a little schooling in community building.

[In our first meeting], we used the five points from the article as part of our covenant, along with scripture references to back them up. It’s so powerful to know that not only are these great ways to build community, but God instructs us to do every one of them. I’m excited about our new beginning.

– Brandi Magee

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