The Dead

Tonight, fpStudents High School begins a very unique series. It’s called “The Dead”. And it’s about zombies.


There are probably a billion questions rolling through your mind right now. Let me help by answering 3 of them.


1. Question: Why in the world would you do a series about zombies?


Answer: Because students are inundated with zombie lore from all media outlets. TV, movies, video games, comic books. Zombie related revenue over the last 10 years was over $6 billion in the US alone. Students are already familiar with the concept, and there’s a lot that can be taught through the angle of zombies.


2. Question: How in the world do zombies relate to the Bible?


Answer: Zombies are all over the New Testament. Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead and then came back to life Himself. In this series we will cover some of the most important applications from God’s Word, from the resurrection and communion to evangelism and salvation. This is a series that will bring life change to students who are far from God!


3. Question: What does a zombie series look like?


Answer: How about this: on April 25 we will conclude the series with our very own zombie movie! Created by and starring our own fpStudent crew, our short film “The Dead” will be a PG level zombie movie that will attract students and introduce the opportunity for students to begin a relationship with Christ.


In addition to the content discussed on Wednesdays (you can always watch the messages online at we are releasing a Zombie Survival Guide, loaded with devotionals that will coincide with the series. Get yours tonight at fpStudents!


Parents, I want to encourage you to follow the survival guide as well. This is a great way to walk alongside your student as they grow!


Please join us in prayer as we continue to challenge students at FP to live lives that honor God! Thanks for your support!