The Crossing Week 4 – Discussion Questions


God’s ultimate purpose for a Red Sea moment in our lives is to bring Him glory.


At the beginning of Heart for the Harvest, Pastor Chris called our church to a time of prayer and fasting. How does a set time of prayer and fasting help us to renew our minds and our focus? Can you share how prayer and fasting has made a difference in your life?


Each year for the past few years Faith Promise has conducted what we call a Heart for the Harvest freewill offering. This year’s offering goes towards expanding our current campuses, opening new campuses, missions, and paying off debt. You can read more about this year’s specific projects here.

After passing through the Red Sea, the Lord gave Moses instructions for the tabernacle in which the Israelites would worship him. In order to build the tabernacle, a freewill offering was taken from the people (see Exodus 25:2). A freewill offering was not a required contribution like a tithe, but every man was to give as his heart moved him. The freewill offerings brought glory to God physically through the construction of a beautiful tabernacle in which to worship God, and their sacrificial giving brought glory to God by putting God in the right place in their hearts.


Read Exodus 14:4

1. Who orchestrated the moment when the Israelites were trapped at the Red Sea? How do you feel about that?

2. What if during a Red Sea moment you asked “How can God be glorified most in this?” How would that change your perspective or response?

3. Asking “How can God be glorified most in this?” is not our typical response when faced with a tough situation. How can we make this response more automatic?

Read Exodus 35:20-29
Notice the repetition of phrases regarding the hearts of the people who gave.

4. Did the people give willingly?

5. Do you think it was hard for them to give? Why or why not?

6. This week we conclude our Heart for the Harvest month of miracles. Do you have any stories to share of answered prayer from this past month?


Everyone in your group may or may not have participated in the call to prayer and fasting during the month of miracles. This question is not to make people feel guilty, but to draw attention to how this spiritual discipline can benefit our walk with God. You might discuss how people can fast in different ways (fast meals, fast from certain foods like a Daniel fast, fast from social media etc.). If group members are interested in fasting you might initiate a regular fast to be observed by all in the group. If your group has a specific prayer need, you might all fast and pray specifically for that need.

1. God orchestrated the Red Sea moment. It has purpose in bringing glory to God. Please note that sometimes we get in tough situations through our own sin. God may not have intended for us to be in that situation, but through our response we can still bring glory to Him in that situation. Thinking about how God orchestrated this scary moment for the Israelites can be scary! It can help to remember that He brought them to the Red Sea so that He could bring them through the Red Sea.

3. Practice! The way we improve at most things is by repeating them and learning from mistakes. It may help for group members to support one another in this. For example, if a member has a crisis or a decision to make, pray for them (be sensitive) asking God how he can be glorified through this.

6. If your group has stories they would not mind sharing with the church at large, encourage them to submit those to [email protected]!