The Crossing Week 2 – Discussion Questions

H4H 2014-final


When we face a Red Sea moment we have the choice to choose fear or choose faith.


Play a “What if” game-have group members think of a difficult situation and the scary/negative “what ifs” that come to mind. Then try to think of positive “what ifs” for the same situation.

An example might be receiving a diagnosis of cancer.
Negative-“What if I die?”
Positive-“What if God heals me and I share my testimony and bring more people to Christ?”

Discuss how fear can change our perspective.


Everyone has faced or will face difficult situations or Red Sea moments in life. If we choose fear during a Red Sea moment, we may miss out on the full potential that God has given us. Let’s discuss how to choose faith rather than fear when facing our own Red Sea.


Read Exodus 14:10–12
1) Did the Israelites have hope that they would be saved?
2) Why do you think the Israelites lacked hope?
3) Have you ever been (or are you currently) in a situation or circumstance where you see no hope?
4) Pastor Chris says fear is the most common emotion at the Red Sea. What causes you to feel fear?

Read Exodus 14:13-14
5) Why do you think Moses had such strong faith in the Lord’s ability and willingness to save Israel when the people did not?
6) What gives you the courage to choose faith instead of fear?
7) How can the group support you and help you choose a path of faith?


4) Sometimes we trust God in one area of our lives, but we have difficulty trusting in another area. You might discuss finances, health, safety, security etc.
5) Moses had a history of walking and talking with God. God pursued a relationship with him (as he does with all of us), and Moses responded, listened, and obeyed God. It is difficult to trust someone you don’t know! If we want to trust God more, we should pursue a deeper relationship with him to know him better.
6) You might discuss God’s provision in the past, miracle stories of others, etc.
7) Be specific! People might need accountability partners, prayer partners, or some other type of support. Make the group aware of the Stephen ministry and church counseling services.