The Center for English – North Knox Small Group Serving Project

The Center for English is an independent endeavor with a two fold purpose. To teach English skills and to promote effective integration (life skills) of refugees into their prospective communities. The program has over 20 countries represented and currently over a 140 students taking ESL classes. There are 7 levels of English taught from beginner to advanced. This is the only free ESL class offered in Knoxville.

My small group had the opportunity today to serve in the classroom assisting the teachers and presenting them with 9 language books provided by Faith Promise Church! We met  men, women, and children from Haiti, Congo, Iran, Burundi, China and the Ukraine. The volunteers and students were extremely thankful for the books and actually used them in the level 5 classroom today.

This was truly an eye opening experience, as someone who has desired to go on a mission trip. I’ve realized that Jesus is bringing the mission field to us, it’s literally right in our own backyard.

So thankful to be part of a church that encourages and supports Real Love for Real people!

Tracy Bussell

P4:8 Group Leader