The Car Wash

(This post was written by Michael Wallace, High School Pastor)

Last week we took our 2 year old son Colt to get the car washed for the first time.  To be clear, it was not our first time to wash the car, but it was Colt’s first experience in the drive-through car wash with the jet sprays and massive floppy brushes.  He had a blast!  He watched from the inside with amazement as our car became covered with suds and water and within seconds was washed clean and dried.

The next day while I was playing cars with Colt…one of his favorite things to do in the world…I had an idea.  It was silly, and kind of “out there” but I took a shot.  I grabbed a nearly empty roll of toilet paper and a piece of tape and I built this: a homemade toy car wash.

I know it’s not much to look at, and it probably won’t survive many washes, but it is the perfect size for Colt to drive his little Matchbox cars through and pretend to give each of them the same experience that he had in the huge soapy car wash the day before.  And as he was playing, I realized something.

Colt wasn’t concerned with the quality of the toy.  He didn’t compare it to other pretend car washes he’d seen on toy store shelves.  The fact that I took the time to build in to his dream made it a joyful moment for him.  In a matter of seconds, with no preparation at all, I was able to interact with and validate his world.  It wasn’t a moment that will be etched into his mind for all of time, but it was a step in the process of showing him that I care.  And that’s what kids…well, all people, really…live for. 

That’s why “Fight For The Heart” is such a high value for our Family Ministry.  The more intentional we as parents embrace the struggle to show our kids God’s love through our love, the more accurately they will see how much He cares about them.