The Art of Reflection


A few years ago I had a very profound conversation with a good friend of mine.  During this conversation he encouraged me to keep s journal and to write in it on a regular basis.  He encouraged me to write down all about what I went through in my job, marriage, and relationsships. He wanted me to keep a record of all that I walk through and then each year to sit down and schedule a day to read back through my journals to remind myself of all that I have walked through. 


At that time I thought he was crazy and if I am truthful I have not been great at writing stuff down, but I have kept the book and I do take time to read back through it on a semi regular basis.  Today was one of those days.  At work this week I have been working on budget proposals and crafting final objectives for next year.  A critical part of this process is to review last years finical records to determine how we spent our money and to determine if it was a good use of our money and resources. Because of this review I made several critical adjustments that will allow us to do more ministry next year as well as drop the price of some of the activities that we do. I never would have been able  to do that without reflection, and reflection would not be possible if I did not keep records that would allow me to reflect. 


We need to reflect in all areas of our lives, not only in our jobs. Reflection allows us to make critical course adjustments that can greatly impact our marriage and families. I want to encourage you this week to spend time building a journal that will allow you to record all that you are walking through so you can learn and grow through your experiences.  That can be as simple as a typical paper journal or as high tech as your iPad but the point is simplly to keep track of it and schedule time regularly to reflect on it. Let’s not just walk through life’s experiences, let’s start learning and growing through all life’s experiences through the art of reflection.