Ten Steps Back: Faith to Move

Faith to Move

1. When we ask audacious prayers, we need to act even before God moves. Pastor stated we need to ask in faith, not wishful thinking. What history do you have of action?

2. In what areas of your life is it easy to act? Relationally? Financially? Occupationally? Others? In what areas is it more difficult for you to act?

3. Hezekiah asked an audacious prayer and for a sign because he knew that God could. If you had the faith of Hezekiah for what would you ask?

4. In the video clip with the Carringer family, Chuck stated that even if Maggie’s seizures returned, it was okay. It did not change God or his view of God. How has the Carringer family gotten to this point in their faith?

5. Chuck shared they have been in prayer for ten years about Maggie’s health. What have you been in prayer over for an extended period of time?

6. How are you asking God to move during the Miracle Weekend? How are you expecting God to move during the Miracle Weekend?

Scripture verses:
Hebrews 11
James 2:17