Tech – No – Logy

On Monday night, in case you missed, Faith Promise Church was highlighted in the 5:00 news by WBIR in Knoxville.  I love seeing our church in the headlines!  We had a great chance to promote what God is doing through our community, and in this instance, Pastor Chris was able to share about how we use technology to further God’s Kingdom.

At FP we use lots of technology, all the time.  For instance, I am currently typing this on a computer (not pen and parchment).  At various times today I will send out “tweets” from my twitter account (@michaelbwallace) and from fpStudents (@fp_students) to keep info flowing out to the Family Ministry community.  We even have a special text service now for students where one can receive a text a week with special info about our Wednesday night services.  All you have to do is text “PELSTUD” (or BLNSTUD, NKXSTUD for other campuses) to “75309”.  Shameless promotions, I know…but here’s the point:  While we use technology in a GREAT way at FP, I tend to find myself hyper-focused on the tools of technology.  Do you?

While my phone has the ability to connect me we families, students and volunteers at a moment’s notice, what should my response be when I find myself neglecting my own family because I am glued to a device?  The simple response is to just “put it away” but I will be back on it tomorrow, right?

So, I have two questions for you today.

  1. Are you using technology as a tool to leverage to make Jesus famous? What I mean is, do you harness the influence you have in your own circles to share Jesus with others?
  2. Are you using technology as a tool to distance yourself from others? Parents, are you telling your kids that they are less important than your phone/laptop/ipad? Students, are you creating a techno-wall between you and your family?

I am, by no means, an expert at finding the “happy medium” between using and abusing technology.  What are your thoughts? How are you able to be affective with technology without alienating those around you?