Teaching Kids To Worship

One of the neatest experiences as a parent and volunteer working with kids is watching a child learn to worship through song.  It’s too easy to assume that kids can’t (or won’t) worship.  But nothing could be further from the truth! 

Your child can learn to worship at a young age!  Here are some tricks to teach them.

  1. Age-appropriate songs.  You can find lots of songs geared toward preschool & elementary  kids by Amber Sky, Hillsong Kids, Seeds Worship, Integrity Kids & many more.  Finding songs geared toward the age of your kids is the first step toward helping them learn to worship.  In fpKIDS, our elementary worship songs come (primarily) from Hillsong Kids.  Our preschool worship songs come from Amber Sky.  Check out both of these online and you can purchase these songs for your own library.
  2. Teach them as you Go.  We’re all busy going from one place to the next.   Use your Drive Time as an opportunity to play some worship songs.  It makes the car ride that much more fun when you’re rocking out to some fun music.
  3. Teach them to Think.  We all want our kids the THINK!  We remind them to everyday.  J  In this case, as you listen to the music teach your kids to think about the words.  Take one song and challenge your child to just think about the words of the song.  Don’t subconsciously rattle off the lyrics but actually process the words and what they mean to you personally.
  4. Teach them to Share.  You go first.  After spending a single song just thinking about the words, turn off the music and tell your kids what came to your mind.  Share with them how the words might challenge you to draw closer to Christ or how they might remind you of His love.  Make it Personal by allowing your kids to see how you strive to grow in your faith.

Simple steps to take that will teach your kids how to worship through song.  Have fun creating these memories this Christmas Season.  Here is a list of songs that will be playing in the McClain home (and car) this month.  Have fun!


Hillsong Kids Ultimate Collection

Fancy Yancy Christmas

Jingle Jam