Take a Walk

Take a Walk

1. Gratitude is never silent or invisible. How are you showing your gratitude to God? What do people see when they observe you?

2. We all are guilty of feelings of entitlement in different areas of our lives. Where are you susceptible to these feelings? Your job or career? Your money? Your time? Your family? Your ministry? Is it easier to be grateful when you have your needs met or when you have abundance?

3. Gratitude can find, enlarge, or create blessings anywhere and anytime. The opposite is also true. An attitude of bitterness will affect and carry over to other aspects of our lives as well. Share an example of a blessing from a long time ago which you still think about and are thankful for regularly. Share an example of something of which you are not appreciative enough from your past.

4. Gratitude requires observation. If you intentionally focus on observing your towers, ramparts, and citadels what would you see?

5. How can you cultivate an attitude of thanksgiving or thingsgiving?

Scripture verses:
Psalms 69:30
Luke 6:45
1 Thessalonians 5:15
Philippians 1:21
Psalms 48:12-13
Psalms 100:4