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Major Updates to the Faith Promise Website

(This post was written by Kyle Gilbert, Pastor of Communications)

Over the past few months, we’ve made plans for a major update to the Faith Promise Church website as we prepare for the launch of our Blount County Campus in October.  As Brad Roberts and I worked through the process, here are a few things we had in mind:

Let’s help people easily find information that is accurate for their campus.
While the vision, direction, teaching, and core ministries will be consistent across campuses, there are many small variations between campuses, such as different location and contact info, different service times, and different ways of getting integrated into groups.  We set out to make sure that people get the correct information based on the campus they attend or plan on attending.  This means that depending on your campus, certain page contents, graphics, and menu options will be different.

Once people have chosen a campus, don’t make them pick again.
Rather than the annoyance of having to choose your campus every time you visit the site, we’ll store that information for you and take you straight into the site.

Make it easy and intuitive to switch between campuses.
Forced selections on a website make us feel like we’ve stepped into a choose-your-own-adventure book.  (One bad choice, and you’re trapped inside a spooky house or dragged off into the woods by Big Foot.)  Instead, we tried to make the campus selection feel like a light choice that can be easily switched at any time.

Provide a solution that scales well with additional campuses.
Rather than build a system that will only accommodate three campuses (Pellissippi, Internet, and Bount), we’ve built a system that will scale as we continue to add new campuses in the future.

While we were at it, we also enabled mobile video and overhauled the blog.
When you visit the  Series Media page on your HTML5 web-enabled mobile device, you can now watch sermon videos.  In addition, our church blog got a significant facelift.

As of this evening, we’ve rolled out the update.  We’re still in the tweaking process, but you can check it out!

New Developments at Faith Promise Church


This post was written by Josh Whitehead (joshwhitehead.net), Executive Pastor at Faith Promise Church.

This month we will begin working with 3rd Quarter Consulting company to solidify plans to make Faith Promise a multi-site church in the Fall of 2010. Both Jim Tomberlin and Chris Willard of 3rd Quarter will be joining us for the journey. The process will include identifying the first location, creating the time-line for the launch, developing the core team and finding the Campus Pastor. It is going to be an amazing journey.

Although it is still a year off, will you begin to pray for wisdom for our Senior Leadership Team? We have some huge decisions to make in the next few months that will shape the future of FPC and the impact that we have in the future for His Kingdom. Pray specifically for:

  • The Campus Pastor
  • Location, Location, Location
  • Launch Core Team
  • Financial Resources

It is going to be an amazing time and I cannot wait to see what God is going to do! Are you on board?