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Halloween Romance

How exactly is the church supposed to respond to an occasion such as Halloween?

One year ago, a 20-something guy decided to attend Adam’s 8th Annual Halloween Bonfire Extravaganza. Little did he know, his future wife was deciding the same thing.  A year later, the newly married couple returned for Adam’s 9th Annual, celebrating the anniversary of a relationship God wove together on that cold night twelve months before.

Social gatherings like Super Bowl Sunday, Valentine’s Day, the 4th of July, Thanksgiving, and Halloween are all moments where the church can engage people in the safety and comfort of the familiar.  The less threatening.  But, none of these celebrations were created to bring glory to the name of Jesus Christ.

Super Bowl Sunday is a celebration revolving around the commercialization of a barbaric sport that praises physical violence.

St. Valentine’s Day (also commercialized) is a chocolate-smothered excuse to appreciate a significant other the way they should be appreciated year-round.

The 4th of July (although altruistically patriotic) is gluttonous pyromania that dangerously allows politics an unchecked presence in church services and celebrations.

Thanksgiving (like Valentine’s) is another guilt-ridden reason to be thankful once a year and potentially invite over that someone who should be a regular at your dinner table every night.

(I celebrate each of these holidays, religiously)

However, you would be hard-pressed to find a church that does not leverage these opportunities. Is Halloween any less an opportunity to share the gospel, provide genuine community, or be the churchBeing “in the world” is as much a mandate as, “not being of it.”

How exactly is the church supposed to respond to an occasion such as Halloween?  Like every opportunity before, seize it.

I know one 20-something couple that is glad Faith Promise chose to be in the world on that Halloween night two years ago.

6 billion people.  6 billion stories.  This is just one of those stories.  People.  Life is better together.

Special thanks to Gina McClain, Seth Godin, and Dr. Chris Stephens