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Famly Life: Drive Time

(This post was written by Chuck Carringer, Pastor of Family Ministries)

A lot of us have some memories of very unpleasant trips in the car with our kids. Perhaps it was on a long drive to vacation or to a relative’s house that went badly. Depending on the age and number of kids in the car, the possibilities are limitless. There was probably crying, hateful remarks, broken promises, etc., and the kids probably did some of that too. Although long trips may continue to be challenging, it is the short, regular, daily trips that I want us to evaluate.

Most of us spend some amount of time in the car with our children. Let’s be intentional about how we can most effectively use this time together. Some possibilities include:

  • create the desired environment by playing a worship CD
  • pray together with or for your children
  • affirm them
  • talk about their impressions from weekend children’s services or Wednesday student services (check out the Parent Connection on the church blog to get experience summaries and conversation ideas)
  • plan upcoming family experiences
  • listen to a chapter of Proverbs from The Message or the NLT translation of the Bible, and discuss their takeaway
  • just talk – prohibit texting or cell phone use for 5-10 minutes

We spend a lot of time in our cars. Parents, let’s be intentional with travel time together with our kids.

Can you think of more ideas to add to the list?