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A Backward Glance at 2010

Each new year, we take a few minutes to reflect back over the past year.  Check out this four-minute review of 2010.


2010 Goals

Here are the goals that have been established for Faith Promise Church for 2010:

2009 Review

Take a look at some highlights of what God did at Faith Promise in 2009:


2009 Church Goals

Knoxville Church - Faith Promise Church

This post was written by Josh Whitehead (joshwhitehead.net), Executive Pastor at Faith Promise Church.


Each year at FPC, our Senior Leadership Team sets church goals. It has been a part of our culture since the beginning of the church. Pastor asks each of us to pray daily for our ministry and for each of the goals. We’re often asked, “Where are we at in reaching the church goals?” Here’s a mid-year update:

3500 in Attendance – We are currently averaging 3079 in total attendance for this year. The fall will play a huge part in reaching this goal as we re-open Satellite I to accommodate those coming to FPC.

* 50% in Small Groups – Groups ministry continues to create new opportunities for connecting with others in relationships. We continue to see 50% of adults attending small group.

* 400 New Servants – VolLink has been a tremendous help in connecting people to ministry this year. Through May, we have seen 195 people begin serving in a ministry.

* 13 Mission Trips – There have been trips to all different parts of the world. Through July, teams have visited Costa Rica 3 times, New Zealand, Thailand, England, South Africa and Houston. There are other trips planned throughout the end of the year.

* 200 Baptisms – 109 people have followed Christ in Baptism this year. In 2008, FPC was 4th in baptisms in the state of Tennesse. God is awesome!

* Compassion Ministry – Susan Troop is organizing the Kid’s Hope ministry to begin mentoring at Beaumont Elementary School. We are also pursuing hiring a Pastor of Missions to oversee all compassion ministries, local and global.

* 15.5% Budget Increase – to date we have fulfilled 10.5% of our 15.5% increase. God continues to do financial miracles at FPC and I expect that we will finish the year funding the entire budget!

* The Journey Campaign: 4.7 million pledged – We’ve received $1.11million to dates with $2.89million left to begin construction. Continue to pray for The Journey!

* 2 New Worship Services – Saturday at 7pm and Sunday at 8:30am have helped us make seats available for guests at both the 10 & 11:45am services. This will become even more critical as we enter the fall.

We are absolutely spoiled at FPC to see God move in such amazing ways! Each of you plays a significant part in our ministry impacting people’s lives for Christ. Continue to reach out to your family and friends. Invite them to FPC so that they can experience the true living God and grow in their relationship with Him!


This post is reprinted from the blog of Dr. Chris Stephens.