Sunday Fun-day St. Kitts Day 2

Today was such an amazing God filled day! This morning we had the honor and privilege of attending church with the Comer family. Will, one of our team members, led worship this morning and let me just say… God bumps all the way! He has such an amazing gift. His voice is so soulful and God’s presence was evident from the moment Will began singing. He also got to share a little of his testimony which resonated with many in attendance this morning.

It’s amazing to see all of the many, many ways that God works. The message this morning was from Corinthians 11 and afterwards myself and another teammate looked at each other with a grin….God brought us all the way from the United States to have the preacher preach a message that was just what we needed to hear this morning.  

After church this morning we headed back to the hotel where we were joined by the Comer family and the Pastor’s family and enjoyed a nice pizza lunch. It was nice way to relax and to spend time goofing around with the kiddos.

This evening Amanda made the BEST white chicken chili I have ever eaten and we loaded up to head to church for a chili cook-off. Amanda represented our team well. Everyone gave her a lot of compliments on her chili. It was neat to see the many ways that people made chili. We had a wide range from chili made with sweet potatoes, to chicken and chili, to super spicy chili. While eating chili, we had the privilege of sitting with different members of the church and got to know their story while also sharing our story.  There are so many warm, open people here who are on fire for God.

After the chili cook-off we spent time debriefing our day and it was so nice to hear everyone’s version of their day as they unpacked their highs from the trip. It’s amazing how four individuals can experience the same things yet all walk away touched and changed uniquely. Please pray for the guys as they head out to the radio station in the morning.