Strengthening Your Marriage & Parenting Through Community


A great source of support, learning and improvement that my wife Emily and I receive related to our marriage & parenting is from our small group. This community of friends who we share life with are a blessing. There are so many benefits to our marriage & parenting by being plugged in to a small group. A few that I have found are:

1. Prayer covering for our children. One of the coolest things about our group is that we regularly pray for one another’s children. I love knowing that other believers are praying for my kids.


2. Growing spiritually with other married couples. As our group digs into God’s word on specific topics, (prayer, living out your faith, hearing from God, etc.) our discussion often touches how a particular Biblical truth strengthens our marriages.



3. Having fun & hanging out. I enjoy spending time with the other couples in our group by enjoying dinner and relaxing. It’s neat to hear how different couples are navigating their various challenges of life. God often uses other believers to speak truth into our lives.

I encourage everyone to find a small group that is the right fit for them. Don’t miss out on the benefits to your marriage & parenting through community.