Standing In The Gap

(This post was written by Gina McClain, Director of Children’s Ministries)

Our mission in Family Ministries is “creating partnership that equip families to lead the next generation in following Christ.”  But what do we do when the partnership doesn’t happen?  How does this apply to the child that comes to church with a friend every week because mom or dad is not involved?

Great question.

This is a tension we will always live in.  We call it “standing in the gap”.  For kids ministry specifically, that means we work to create an environment where kids can connect with volunteers that love Jesus.

In that connection there is opportunity for relationship.

In that relationship there is opportunity for influence.

In that influence is opportunity to change the course of a life.

If we apply the statistics, then the majority of the kids we see each week only live part time with their dad.  Some don’t see their dad at all.  Imagine the impact of a male adult leader in their life.  Imagine the influence this man has in the life of a young boy who lives full time with mom.

Men are warriors.  Boys are too.  Boys are going to fight for something.  The question is whether they have a Christ-loving male figure demonstrating what to fight for.

We have some incredible guys serving in fpKids every week.  They’re not Bble scholars.  They don’t have all the answers.  But they’ve got a smile and the willingness to pour into kids.  These guys stand in the gap.  And we’re better for it.

Much thanks to the men serving in fpKids.  You guys rock!