Michele Stephens

Executive Pastor, Experience

(865) 251-2590 x 1501

About Me

My name is Michele but I often answer to "Shay", "Coach", "Mich" and "Mom". These names come from relationships with my husband, co-workers, team members and my children.

I have been married to my best friend, Chris (who happens to be the Sr. Pastor), for 25 years, and we have 3 awesome children Faith, Micah, and Zac as well as a brand new son-in-law, Frankie.

When I Met Jesus: I grew up in a godly home where my parents taught me how to study and memorize God's word, share my faith, and most of all, worship. I began my relationship with Jesus at the age of 8 years old, and what a ride it has been!

My Calling: As far as a calling to be a worship leader, that one kind of snuck up on me. I had grown up in a musical home where both of my parents lead in worship through singing and playing the guitar. My dad would make me play the piano and sing (at the time I hated it — I was scared to death!) in church, during mission trips, or anywhere else he could find. After all those experiences, I guess I should have seen what was coming down the pike.

I met my sweetheart at what was then called the BSU at UT-Chattanooga. He was going to be a preacher, me a preacher's wife?! But now I know that God had prepared me my whole life to be Chris' helpmate and ministry partner. I loved working in different areas as we began our ministry, but it seemed no matter what ministry it was, worship was at the heart.

As the ministry assistant to the Worship Pastor at Faith Promise Church, they asked me to fill in when he left until they could find someone. Well, that was almost 9 years ago. God has confirmed to me over and over that He called me and put me where I am today. I would have never believed it, and there is no way I could do what I do without the anointing and favor of the Lord.

Favorite Music: Anything Hillsong, anything Chris Tomlin, and "clean" classic rock. (I am an 80s girl.)

Hobbies: Anything with my family, scrapbooking, and photography.