Lance Asher

Music Director Associate & Worship Leader

About Me

I have grown up here in beautiful Knoxville, Tennessee my whole life. I grew up in church and have always been active in serving in some capacity, even when I was young. I accepted Christ when I was nine, and shortly after that decision, I lost my father to cancer. I truly believe that God has a sovereign plan for our lives and even through that hurt and pain I was able to learn and grow and trust God wholly and fully. I have been a member at Faith Promise Church since February, 2015 and I have a strong desire to see God’s love spread throughout this wonderful city.

Music is my passion. I believe that God created art and he gives us creativity and so naturally I appreciate art and creativity myself. Muse is my favorite band and has been since I was a freshman in high school. Fun Fact: I saw them live for my sixteenth birthday and cried. Real tears. As much as I love music though, I grew up first loving sports. Tennis and basketball are my two favorite sports. Novak Djokovic is my favorite tennis player and my favorite basketball team is THE UNIVERSITY OF KENTUCKY. If you’ll notice, my top player and team are both the best. Before you call me a bandwagon fan, I had pictures of Djokovic on my Myspace page and both sides of my family are die-hard Kentucky fans. Go cats!