Meet Our Staff

We'd love for you to get to know the people who lead our church on the weekends and throughout the week. We're passionate about serving our city and surrounding areas for the glory of God's Kingdom.

Executive Team

The executive team sets the vision for Faith Promise and leads our teams to reach more people in our communities who need Christ and a place to connect with Him.

Campus Pastors

Campus pastors work hard to make sure you feel welcome and connected at your local campus. They're overseeing many different teams who come together to create our weekend experience, as well as community involvement throughout the week.

Leadership Development

Our leadership development team helps shape our culture of leadership among our staff and volunteers.

People Operations

People Operations is responsible for creating processes and programs for Human Resources, Leadership Development, Global Next Steps, and Counseling. Our mission is to develop and implement strategies that enable Faith Promise to attract, recruit, develop, and retain the exceptional talent necessary to achieve our vision, mission, and goals