St. Kitts Day 5

Day five did not disappoint.  Wes and Will started the day at the men’s prison where Will once again was able to usher in the Holy Spirit by leading worship and sharing his testimony. Wes was also able to share his with the men. It was a very fruitful morning as one man accepted Christ as they wrapped up. Praise Jesus! The men were very receptive and glad to have the team there.

We then had lunch at the Comers and the ladies prepared to go to the women’s prison. Amelia, Katelyn’s friend, joined us for the CR session. It’s safe to say we were all a bit anxious but the staff were so welcoming and gracious. We immediately were put at ease watching the women light up upon seeing Katelyn and so warmly welcoming us all. The “residents”, as they affectionately called themselves, enjoyed hearing about families and lives in the states.

During my talk, I had noticed that the previously somber prison guards were nodding along in agreement and offered me so much encouragement. The ladies seemed so pleased to have someone that could relate to them. Sometimes, we all just need someone to come alongside us and say, “Me, too.” The ladies then asked lots of questions, good questions, honest questions, hard questions. It was such a sweet time of learning and growing and connecting.

The last part of the visit was spent doing Celebrate Recovery work. Today’s session was on forgiveness, forgiving ourselves, others and God. Many of the ladies shared decisions to forgive. It was incredible moment that only got better when another sweet woman told us of her decision this past week to accept Christ. We all clapped in thanks and joy, including the prison guards!

An absolutely perfect morning was capped off when one of the young women asked to sing a song. Before we knew what was happening the entire women inmate population was holding hands and worshiping in the prison courtyard… again, including the lovely prison guards. Lots of hugs and sweet words were exchanged as we said our goodbyes.

Back at the Comers, Katelyn prepared a delicious Cottage Pie (Shepherd’s Pie with beef instead of mutton), and homemade Sour Sop ice cream. It was amazing! The guys left for men’s bible study and, since it was the super moon, us ladies took the kids to the beach to see it.

This may very well go down as one of my top 10 days ever. From souls won to hearts encouraged to comforting meals to super moons, God’s loving kindness was with us every moment of this day. Only Heaven knows the impact of today, this week and the work of the missionaries on this island but getting a small snapshot has been such a gift.

Written By Team Member: Amanda Woods