Spring Cleaning

I can’t begin to explain to you how much I love spring time. First the weather begins to warm up. That means I can break out the shorts and flip flops again. There is nothing like a relaxing Saturday in the spring. You can turn off the heater and open the windows and allow the cool spring breeze to flow in.


The second reason I love the spring is its time to do some spring cleaning. I know I have a desiease if I love to clean but I can’t help myself. There is something freeing about cleaning everything up in the spring. It’s a chance to deep clean everything and even get rid of the things that we don’t use or need that are laying around the house. Spring cleaning is a crucial time in my families life.


Not only do our homes need spring cleaning, so do our lives. I want to challenge you this weekend to schedule some time to sit down and evaluate your life and what you are spending your time on. Look for things that are not crucial and start to clean them out of our lives so that we can devote ourselves to the things that are most important.


So what things need to go?  Let’s take the time to do some much needed spring cleaning in our lives so we can focus on what matters most.