Somebody’s Watching You

Tonight we crossed a new threshold with our little girl…she had her first sippy cup of water.  This new experience for her has been marked by several weeks of some pretty interesting actions on her part.  We noticed a few weeks ago that Elin would intently look at us each time that we would take a drink from our glass.  She would arch her head back and closely watch our every move.  One day my wife Carmen called to tell me that every time she would take a drink that Elin would make a “mmmm” noise right after she took the cup away from her lips.  We thought that it was pretty funny, but little did we know that we were teaching our daughter how to drink from a glass.


What we thought was a simple daily task that we do turned our to be a life lesson teaching our daughter an important skill.  We were teaching our daughter through our actions.  She was learning by watching us.  The challenge is that she will continue to do this for the rest offer life.  She will continue to watch us to learn how to do the things that she needs to do in her life.  We will teach her how to treat others, love the Lord, and many other things through how we do them. The hard reality is that somebody is watching us and it’s our daughter.  Whether you like it or not our kids will watch us and they will learn how to live their life by watching how we live our life. 


With that said, what is your life teaching your kids?  As they watch you what are they learning?  Better yet what do you want them to learn from you, and what things need to change in your actions so that they learn that from your life?  We have heard it sung that “I always feel like, somebody’s watching me”.  The truth is someone is, and it’s our kids.  So what are you teaching them by the way you life your life?