Small Group Serves with NHC


Our Faith Promise small group has been serving at NHC HealthCare in Oak Ridge for the last few months.  NHC provides rehabilitative services like speech therapy and physical therapy as well as long term care for residents living at the facility. Our group works with residents in long term care. We visit and talk for bit, and then we all sing hymns together. The residents enjoy having a friendly conversation, and, whether they sing with us or just listen, they seem to find peace in the music. It is also beneficial for our group because we see different strengths and skills of our group members. Some group members are great at drawing residents out and chatting with them, and others have musical skills that help us all to sing on key. We like that we are able to bring children with us when we visit. The kids get to see adults loving and serving others, and the residents enjoy interacting with the children. Serving together has brought our group closer together, and we hope we have spread some joy, cheer, and the love of Christ.

– Kate Kerekes