Sign Art Ministry

(This post was written by Michele DeFelice, one of our Deaf Ministry interpreters)

Everybody loves to see music in motion, whether it’s a choreographed dance or a musician’s stage performance. Creatively adding the beautiful language of American Sign to music is also entertaining and inspiring.

The Lord gave me the vision of Sign Art Ministry (SAM) which I founded one year ago. I established the ministry to bring together performers skilled in American Sign Language (ASL) and music, bringing us together for opportunities of praise, worship, entertainment, and networking.

The Friday night, June 24, Music in Motion concert will promote Deaf awareness by showcasing ASL in its artistic form. The play-list will include a collection of traditional hymns, southern gospel, and contemporary praise and worship. The opening show is a variety of Sign Artists performing songs, and then Pastor Ronaldo Feliciano, the featured Sign Artist, will take the stage. Everybody is welcome, even if they are not-yet-saved. Music and ASL will touch the hearts of those who do not yet know God. Amy Grant learned about the love of God while listening to church hymns as a child.

The Saturday morning, June 25, workshop will focus on putting Christian music into motion by creatively incorporating ASL. Song elements and intent will be discussed and troublesome phrases/idioms will be interpreted into American Sign Language. Everybody is welcome, even if they are not-yet fluent; learning ASL through music is a wonderful way to learn the language. Celine Dion perfected her English by singing American songs.

Please visit or contact me at [email protected]