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Southeastern University has partnered with Faith Promise Church to offer our students affordable degree programs. Southeastern University was recently recognized as one of the top ten fastest growing private universities in the nation. SEU is a Christ-centered institution of higher learning that is committed to equipping the next generation of leaders so that they can go into the world as influential servants in their careers and their communities. SEU is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACS). Through our partnership, students will be able to gain valuable ministry experience and knowledge and also have the opportunity to earn an affordable degree from an accredited institution.


The Internship Program is an opportunity for those who will be enrolled in the SEU at FP semester. It will be a place where you will receive a combination of classroom engagement experienced pastors and facilitators, engage in hands-on ministry experience grow and cultivate your call to serve while being equipped to lead. We pray you will carefully consider joining us on this journey of growing together equipping leaders and impacting generations.This will be a leadership practicum-based program that is primarily tied to those seeking the academic path coupled with a ministry track focused areas. This component is offered during the academic school year fall and spring as aligned with the Southeastern University calendar.

(Enrollment alone in SEU at FP does not guarantee acceptance to the FP internship program.)


Worship + Creative (Band, vocals, production, photography, films, social media)

Pastoral (fpKIDS, Students, Groups)

Operations (Admin, HR, Finance, IT)

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