Serve on Staff with fpKids

We’re looking for a few amazing people to join our fpKids team.  Interested?  Send your resume to [email protected].

  • Volunteer Coordinator:  This high-energy, gregarious, “can-do” individual will recruit and coordinate over 300 volunteers.  This role is not for the faint of heart but if you’re the right fit… you will love it.  This person will work closely with our elementary and preschool coordinators to invite, invest and equip a dynamic team of volunteers to do the work of the ministry.  [more]
  • Resource Coordinator: This meticulous, highly organized (almost OCD) individual will bring order and systematic excellence to our ministry resources at the Pellissippi Campus while creating systems that can be duplicated across all Faith Promise campuses.  Adaptability and strength in working with and through volunteers is a must.  [more]
  • Preschool Programming Coordinator: This outgoing, creative leader will work with a team of people (volunteers & staff) to shape the preschool experience every week at fpKids.  This role requires a strong leader capable of recruiting, equipping and shepherding a team of volunteers to create an unforgettable hour for our kids birth to preK.  This individual will work closely with the Volunteer Coordinator and Elementary Coordinator to ensure the volunteer team is well informed and well equipped to do the work of the ministry. [more]