Sacrifice Week 4 – Discussion Questions



Our obedience to God in offerings prompts thanksgiving among those who benefit from our giving.


There is an organization in town that everyone wants to be a part of–all the most successful people and those who are social leaders are members. Then, unexpectedly, you are invited to join. As part of becoming a member, you are expected to pay dues. Then you are told you must give X hours of service weekly. Is membership still as attractive?


Our church has been challenged to follow Jesus’ example and teachings in giving. He did not want to disappoint his Father. His desire was to be obedient. Our pastor has said his calling is to make people holy, not happy. He talked about the Prosperity Gospel talked about on television versus the Provision Gospel promoted by the Apostle Paul. As a result of the giving emphasis of this sermon series, attendance has dropped every week. Several places in the Bible God has shown Himself strong and rich with only a few faithful followers. So, if only some folks give, God and Faith Promise will be fine. However, those who do not give will miss a blessing.


Read Philippians 1:6.

1. Pastor Chris says, “If you’re not dead, then God’s not done.” How do you see God perfecting His good work in your life?

2. Is it easy to sacrifice something now to gain something better later? Can you share a time when you delayed gratification and enjoyed the reward later?

3. How often do we think about eternity when faced with decisions–whether momentous or mundane? How can we keep our focus on the eternal?

Read Luke 12:22-31.

4. We need only a few things to live, so why do we want so much?

5. Are you a worrier? What is the difference in making contingency plans/saving for a rainy day and worrying?

6. How have you trusted God and seen Him provide for you?

Read 2 Corinthians 9:8-15.

7. Why are we to be made rich?

8. In what way will we be made rich? How has God made you rich?

9. What is the result of our offerings?

10. Give an account of how God led/taught you to give. Does anyone give above and beyond the tithe regularly? Why?


7. See verses 8 and 11. We are enriched to provide for our own needs and to be generous and provide for others.
8. Every way includes ourselves, our time, and our resources.
9. Thanksgiving and praise to God, prayers for the givers.
10. Best if leader(s) go first particularly if some of the members are struggling financially or with tithing.