Sacrifice Week 3 – Discussion Questions



We make a living by what we do; we make a life by what we give.


What is the best gift you have ever given?


This weekend Pastor Chris continued in our third weekend of our SACRIFICE sermon series for the Heart for the Harvest. He explained that the money raised in H4H would go toward expansion into our East Tennessee Mission field with new campuses to win more souls for Jesus. He reminded us this would not be easy and this would require a team effort. It’s not just about building the buildings; it’s about filling them with people getting saved. Studying 2 Corinthians 9:1-9 encourages generosity, and Pastor challenged us to consider our part in the H4H. Remember, Jesus gave it all; how far will you go? Sacrifice is not a “cool” concept to the world, but we are Christ Followers!


Read 2 Corinthians 9:1-5.

1. In this passage, Paul is encouraging the Corinthians to be generous in their gift they had been preparing. This money would be used to support the suffering Christians in Jerusalem. Discuss with your small group all the areas in East TN and beyond where Faith Promise is God’s vehicle to bless His people.

2. What should encourage us to give as Christ followers?

3. Like the Corinthians, we still have some time (another week) to pray and fast about what to give for H4H. Paul states we are to give in a certain way and not the other. What are these ways?

4. Recall from the message or use an Interlinear Bible to discover what the word “bountiful” was in the original Greek text. What is the significance of this?

Read 2 Corinthians 9:6-10.

5. If you sow sparingly, you will reap ___. Can you share a time when you found this to be true in your life?

6. Some hesitate to give because they are worried about having enough money left over to meet their needs. Who provides for all our needs? Do you believe this in all areas of your life? Are there areas in which you need to confess and repent? Can God bless you with clenched fists?

7. With what is God more concerned- what we give or how we give? Recall/discuss a story in the Bible that illustrates this.

Read Hebrews 12:1-4.

8. Is the life of a Christ follower easy? In what ways has following Christ made your life more difficult? In what ways has following Christ made your life easier?

9. Regarding the great cloud of witnesses, do we struggle alone? Who is in your great cloud? How have they encouraged you?

10. What empowers you to win the struggle against sin?


1. Pellissippi, Blount Co., Campbell Co., Anderson Co., North Knox, Internet Campus, Costa Rica. See to see all the ministries we fund.
2. It pleases the Lord!
3. with zeal and not covetousness (a greedy desire to have more). Covetousness makes you bitter and angry.
4. Eulogia. A bountiful gift speaks about us. We want to be known for giving more than we will ever receive. That is the kind of eulogy we want!
5. Sparingly.
6. God! God cannot bless you by pouring out His bounty if your fists are clenched.
7. How we give. (See Mark 12:41-44)
10. The Holy Spirit.