Roots Discussion Guide

roots FINAL

Roots Colossians Introduction

Rooted in Prayer – Week 1

Rooted in Christ – Week 2

Rooted in Hope – Week 3

Guarding Our Soil – Week 4

Rooted in Grace – Week 5

The Fruit of Grace Part 1 – Week 6

The Fruit of Grace Part 2 – Week 7

Displaying God’s Grace – Week 8

Thanks for joining us for our Roots study. Please join us for the current sermon discussion questions (including the final two weeks of Roots) by clicking HERE.


If you’ve ever tried to grow anything, you know the summer months are vital. The sun’s intensity can produce an incredible crop. Unfortunately, if what you planted hasn’t had time to grow strong roots, the intense sun can wilt your plans for a beautiful garden. Strong roots produce the best fruit.

This summer as the intensity of life heats up, join us for our group study of Colossians entitled “Roots,” beginning May 17th-18th. During this eight-week study we will examine what your life is rooted in and what a life rooted in God’s grace really looks like. While Pastor Chris teaches from the book of Colossians on the weekend, this guide will walk through Colossians from the beginning to the end. Since this guide compliments Pastor Chris’s teaching, but isn’t reliant on it, feel free to walk through it at your own pace.

Click the links above for each week of the study and be sure to check back each week for new guides. Remember group leaders, you know your group better than we do! Use this as it is intended – to guide your discussion. That means  you don’t have to ask every question and you will probably come up with some of the best questions for your group. If you have any questions please email [email protected]