(This post was written by Matt Grimes, Middle School Ministry Pastor)

One of the things that I love about the Old Testament is the rituals and meanings behind so much of what they did.  One of my favorite things that the people of God did in the Old Testament was focus on the importance of remembrance.  This may be a monument that was built as a visual reminder of a triumph at a particular place that God provided, or even a ritual act that has spiritual meaning reminding the people of something about who God is.  The Old Testament talks a lot about the book of remembrance.  I love this idea, especially when it comes to family ministry.

What if each family had a book of remembrance for their family?  In it they wrote down the different things that they were praying for as a family.  In addition, they wrote down the things that God has done in their family.  This could be answered prayers or challenges you have faced as a family.  A book that can be used to record who your family is and your journey with God that can be passed down to the next generation to encourage them to run with Christ just as your family has.  It would be the story of your family that could lay a foundation for your kids’ families.

Let’s not let go easily of the things God is doing in our families.  I pray that you can take pride in your family and your history with God.  Maybe starting a family book of remembrance is a way to begin.