Rectal Thermometer

(This post was written by Matt Grimes, Middle School Ministry Pastor)

We have finally hit the last stretch of our pregnancy.  The countdown begins this weekend with just 10 weeks left before our little girl arrives.  As you can imagine our nesting mode has set in.  I believe that every wall in the house has been repainted.  Currently our hardwood floors are ripped up and new ones are going down.  However, my favorite part in the whole process has been registering for the different items that we will need for our little bundle of joy.  I love to watch my wife; every item is so thoroughly researched.  She studies each item intently, reading every consumer report and customer review online.  She wants the best for our little girl.

I remember standing in Babies R Us with the registry scanner in my hand about to add a rectal thermometer to the list.  I was quickly stopped and told that we had not researched the reviews on that particular item so we would have to wait.  I laughed out loud and said “it’s a rectal thermometer, what is a review going to tell us about it?”  My wife did not see the same humor that I did in the situation.  Needless to say we later spent an entire evening researching reviews on rectal thermometers.  All I have to say is our little girl better love her rectal thermometer.

I have had many nights of anxiety in preparing for being a dad, but I began to think the other day as I thought about all the hard work that both my wife and I have put into making sure our child has the best, and I couldn’t help but think that that is the same attitude that God has towards us.  He has such huge plans for us as parents and as individuals.  He wants the best for us.  The challenge is we have to choose to tune into Him and allow Him to lead us.  That’s the challenge, at least for me, I end up trying to call the shots myself instead of letting the God of this universe who wants nothing less than to give me His best in my life, to lead me.  I don’t know what you are dealing with in your life or with parenting your kids, but God does, and in the midst of it, He wants to lead you, the choice is up to us to lean in and allow Him to lead.