Raising Self-Feeders

If you are a parent of young children your heart may have skipped a beat at the thought of your child being able to feed themselves. As parents, we are aware of the various stages of growing independence. For my wife Emily and I as parents of two teenagers this is a big deal. We want to help our kids become “self-feeders.” This concept should not be interpreted as we want them to function in complete independence without our guidance, support and discipline. However, we are intentional about training, preparing & equipping them to hopefully soar as young adults. What about spiritually? Are you training your children to grow in their faith?

Here are some thoughts on how to help your children become self-feeders spiritually:

  • Modeling is the most significant
  • Provide age-appropriate resources
  • Demonstrate value of being invested in a local body of believers
  • Conversations about where God is working in your own life
  • Help them find areas where they serve
  • Encourage generosity with their time and treasure

What other ways would you suggest to help your children become self-feeders, especially spiritually?