Questions from the Parenting Trenches: “How can I be a godly father?”

Father And Son In Park With American Football“How can I be a godly father?”

We’re responding to questions from our recent Marriage & Parent Summit. This question comes from a young dad and it strikes at the heart of every parent I know. This question reflects a desire that I believe is hard-wired into every parent. That innate need to reflect the heart of our Heavenly Father to our kids.

My friend, Jamie Davis, is an amazing dad. He’s found there are 4 things he’s made part of his daily rhythm that help him in his parenting. Check out his top 4 tips to being a godly parent:

  1. You First: You can be a godly parent to your child by demonstrating at home that Christ is the center of your life. Talk TO Him and talk ABOUT  Him. Let Christ be a part of your everyday conversations. Pull away and spend time just with God. When you do this, you show your kids how important Christ is to you. (In fpKIDS, we like to call this “Making It Personal”)
  2. Them Second: Make it a priority to pray with your child and read the Bible with them regularly. What is part of the regular routine becomes priority in their lives.  (We call this “Creating a Rhythm”)
  3. Create Boundaries: Don’t be afraid to discipline your child. They want boundaries and are wired to want you to be in charge. So lead them. They’ll love you more for it. (We call this “Fighting for the Heart”)
  4. Give Them Words: Most importantly, tell your child how special they are and that you love them.  Your child wants to know that they are loved by YOU! When they know how much YOU love them, they better understand how much their Heavenly Father loves them. Your words over time will build their self-worth. Don’t assume they know it. Say it out loud and say if often.

You might say, “That’s way too simple! Being a godly parent can’t be that simple!” And in many ways, you’re exactly right.  These 4 points are very simple. But simple doesn’t mean easy. The challenge is in making these part of your everyday routine.

Being consistent in these 4 habits when everything around you is going well… or falling apart. Being consistent in these 4 habits when you feel like it… and when you don’t.

Does it mean you can never, ever miss a day without exercising these habits?  No.

But incorporate them as a way of life and you can truly say… Follow me, as I follow Christ (1 Cor 11:1).