Punch The Clock

(This post was written by Gina McClain, Director of Children’s Ministries)

“Mom, when do you get off work?”

It was an odd question considering I was home that Sunday afternoon.  I looked at my son and responded that I was off work.  He retorted,

“No, I mean, when are you going to stop working?”


How frequently does that happen to you? 

Here… but not really here. 

Present… but not engaged. 

This is not a great way to parent.  In fact, parenting like this is like catching water in a sieve.  I lose more than I retain.  Why?  Because I’m allowing gaps. 

Gaps in my attentiveness to their conversation.

Gaps in my receptiveness to their needs.

Gaps in my ability to seize teachable God-moments.

All because I’m too preoccupied. 

That question reminded me that I’ve got to focus on the two parenting values Fight for the Heart & Create a Rhythm.  By considering ways that I can fight for the heart of my kids then I’m more willing to put down the iPhone and pick up a book.  When I think of ways I can create the right rhythms in my home then I’m more willing to set aside the computer work and go out to play basketball. 

So clearly I have some adjustments to make.  Apparently I need to do a better job of punching the clock.