Prison Break: Put Me Back In!

Put Me Back In!

1. Who suffers more from unforgiveness? Why?

2. Pastor Chris shared those who have been fully forgiven should be the first to forgive. When you consider the things God has forgiven you, how does it compare to the things done to you by others? Create your own comparison like the example $12M to $17.

3. Unforgiveness is the only poison that destroys the vessel carrying it. Name an example where you experienced how unforgiveness affected those around you or in which you were affected by someone else’s unforgiveness?

4. What are the reasons we struggle or simply refuse to forgive others? What roles do pride and humility play in forgiveness?

5. How do we keep the cross in perspective as a reminder that what we did to Christ is far greater than what other have done to us?

Scripture verses:
Matthew 18:21-35