Prison Break: Debt Paid, Door Open

Debt Paid, Door Open

1. Describe an instance where you owed a debt. How did you feel?

2. When you consider your past, how large is your debt to God? Do you see yourself as imprisoned by your past or pardoned? Explain.

3. The person to whom the debt is owed sets the terms for repayment. What debt are you holding over someone’s head? What steps will you take to extend forgiveness?

4. God, as the person to whom the debt is owed, has forgiven your debt. Have you walked out of your prison cell? How do you experience freedom daily?

5. What stories of forgiveness, such as the convicted murder and the mother of the slain son, have inspired you to forgive yourself and others?

Scripture verses:
Matthew 18:23-27
Colossians 2:13-14
1 John 1:9