Prayer Walking – St. Kitts Day 3

This morning the guys on our team had the privilege of speaking on air at a local radio station. They helped to promote the Celebrate Recovery Ministry that the Comer family is doing and Will got the honor of sharing his testimony. While the guys were at the radio station, the ladies spent time in quiet reflection with God. After the guys were done at the radio station the team convened together and enjoyed lunch at the Comer’s home.In the afternoon the team went on a tour of the island and stopped at several locations along the way to pray with intent. The first stop on our tour was to a basketball court that has significant meaning for the Comer family. They visited the basketball court the first time they came to the island at the Festival of Lights. At the time it was worn down and they spent time fixing it up for the local community. It was the trip that they felt God calling them to serve full time in ministry as missionaries here in St. Kitts.

Other places we stopped to pray along the way include a visit to a local park to pray for the leadership of St. Kitts, to the juvenile detention center Aaron serves at one day a week to pray for the youth in the community, to the Amazing Grace Experience praising God for providing a building for the Celebrate Recovery Ministry that Aaron and Katelyn are leading, the Sugar Mills to pray for those battling addiction, and to the airport round about to pray for all of those who come to St. Kitts, whether as missionaries, for vacation, or school, etc. It was a blessing to spend the day in prayer growing closer to our precious Father and sharing in community. Following our prayer walk Katelyn made the team some BBQ pork and green beans and we enjoyed learning to play a new game at their home.

Our team feels so very grateful for the opportunity to be here this week and we do not take this experience lightly. It’s been so amazing to watch God’s hand at work in each person’s life and to see team members step up and step out as God continues to stretch and grow them.