Practical Ideas to Strengthen Your Family

I love to get practical family strengthening ideas from people at Faith Promise. When we share what is working well or areas where we need help in our families with other believers at FP we invest in strengthening families. Recently I observed or was told about three practical ideas that have the potential to benefit other families.

1. Pray as a family when you take the Lord’s Supper. This past weekend at Faith Promise I noticed a family (Dad, Mom and teenager) who after they had picked up the elements for the Lord’s Supper stepped over to the side and prayed together. What a powerful opportunity for a family to remember and celebrate what Christ has done for our families. This families two minute prayer huddle allowed them to draw together in a powerful moment. Depending on the age of our children, the Lord’s Supper is also an excellent teaching time.


2. Limit work phone calls at home. Recently I was visiting with a successful executive who attends Faith Promise. He shared with me that he had made an intentional decision to virtually eliminate work phone calls at home. Typically a person in his position would field several phone calls each evening. By sharing with those he works with that his family is his top priority and to protect family time from interruption, strengthens his family. I can imagine at times this Dad has experienced some frustration from those he works with because this commitment to protect family time is counter cultural in today’s work environment.


3. Serve together as a family. A number of families at Faith Promise will serve together as is appropriate based on the role and their kid’s ages. Serving together is a terrific way to use a shared experience to grow in faith. It strengthens our families when we invest time together in serving God through a ministry. The memories of great moments relived together through family conversations are a powerful way to strengthen our families.

Let’s help each other. What is one practical way you are strengthening your family?