Please, Sorry and Thanks

I am enjoying reading Praying Circles Around Your Children by Mark Batterson. I highly recommend this small (100 pages) and inexpensive ($3.00) book for parents. Early in the book, Batterson shares that his parenting philosophy can be boiled down to three words – please, sorry and thanks. Let’s consider the power God provides from each of these words.

  1. Please – It is important our children learn to understand and live the intent behind the word please. The word please usually accompanies a request. I want my kids to have the courage and the respect to make their requests, needs, desires known to God and people. When used in the correct spirit, please is a kind word. It can communicate submission, a request for help or permission.
  2. Sorry – It is critical that our children learn to apologize and accept responsibility. For many of us our pride makes it difficult to acknowledge a wrong. We (adults and children) tend to make excuses or explain/justify why we did or did not do something. Our kids are no different. Often their pride hinders them from making repairs to a relationship. “I’m sorry” is intended to be spoken in humility. To ask forgiveness is a powerful lesson for our kids to learn.
  3. Thanks – Teaching our children to be grateful is a critical parenting lesson. God’s desire is that we have a thankful spirit. How refreshing and powerful it is when someone (adult or kid) says “thank you” with sincerity. I want my children to have a thankful spirit. I desire that they recognize the efforts of others and the blessings/presence of God.

Three simple words – please, sorry and thanks – with incredible potential and power.

Like everything else in parenting, modeling is the best teacher. Moms and Dads – let’s model the use and impact of these three words.