Plan B


I love Fridays. It’s my day off with my family. What I love most is that it’s a chance to reconnect and recharge our families batteries after a week of being pulled in five hundred different directions.


One thing you should know about our family and Fridays is that we typically plan what we are going to do in advance. For several weeks now we have been planning today to go to the bounce house and let our daughter Elin play. Unfortunately for us, she has chosen to not cooperate with our carefully laid out plans. I have a feeling that this won’t be the last time. By the time we got her up and ready we did not have time to make it there and back. We had to quickly come up with a plan b that would give us something fun to do as a family. We ended up going to the puppy zone where Elin was able to play with some really cute dogs.


Plan b’s are important in our life. Here are a couple or reasons why I believe plan b’s are vital to our lives


1. First plan b’s keep us going in the direction that we originally wanted to go. Think about it. As a family today we wanted to spend time together having fun. Now in our mind that consisted of a bounce house. When we ended up unable to go we had two options: do nothing and waste the time, or come up with a new plan that still allowed us to have fun as a family. That’s exactly what plan b’s do. They keep us on track with our original desire instead of wasting our time when things don’t go our way.


2.  The second reason I think that plan b’s are vital is that they help to broaden our horizons. We have to think of new things, possibly things that we have never done before. Plan b’s get us thinking in new ways. See if we had went to the bounce house today we would have missed out on the suggestion from a friend to try out the puppy zone. Now not only did we have fun at the puppy zone but we can still go to the bounce house later. We discovered something new because we needed a plan b.


So where in your life are you in need of a plan b?  For what ever reason your original idea or strategy is not working and you need a new one. Don’t just sit there doing nothing. Quickly brainstorm a plan b and put it in play.