Plan B: Me Too

Me Too

1. Pain. Everyone experiences it. Create a list of painful circumstances. Through what painful experiences have you had to work?

2. Scripture tells us in the book of Ruth that Naomi overlooked God’s blessing of community while she was going through a Plan B experience. When have you lived out a “Plan B”? What role did community play in your experience? Can you look back and see the people God placed in your life at those points? Did you see them at the time?

3. Pastor Chris stated the church often fosters fakes. How do we become more transparent? What can we do to possibly help others become more transparent?

4. Are you currently experiencing a “Plan B”?

Scripture verses:
Ruth 1:16-17
Ruth 1:20-21

NOTE: The preceding questions are provided as a supplement to the questions included in the appendix of Plan B. Please refer to Chapter 9 and its associated questions on page 233.