Parenting Advice Over The Years

What’s the best parenting advice you have ever received? My wife Emily and I have enjoyed through the years asking questions and learning from parents in the same or next stage of life than us. Some of the parenting classics we received are:

  • “Don’t neglect your spouse as you care/parent your children.” We all know people who unfortunately focused primarily on their kids and at some point, likely when their kids left home, realized they didn’t know each other.


  • “This too shall pass.” Parenting like life has its ups and downs. Fortunately, many of the unwise decisions our kids make (if you currently have teenagers you likely have this saying memorized) they survive, experience their consequences and hopefully don’t repeat the poor decision.



  • “They will be grown before you know it.” Wow, this has proven to be so true for Emily and I. In so many ways it seems like yesterday our kids were born. In reality it was 17 & 14 years ago. We have loved every stage along the way including the one we are in. Parents of young kids, take advantage of every opportunity to invest in your kids.


What’s the best parenting advice you have ever received?