Parent Connections – fpKIDS

Preschool (2yrs to PreK)

God Made Me to Praise Him

The greatest book of the Bible on praise is the book of Psalms.  And the majority of the psalms are attributed to David.  There is no doubt, David had a heart to praise God.

This weekend we will look deeper into 2 Samuel 6:5, 14 & Psalm 149:1-5 to see how David believed that he was created to praise God.  We want your preschooler to learn that no matter what they look like… no matter what kinds of gifts & talents they possess… no matter how they are ‘wired’… we are ALL made to praise God.

This weekend, Create a Rhythm, by taking time during dinner to identify some of the unique characteristics about each person in your family.  Celebrate how those unique characteristics can be used to praise God and point others toward Him.


Elementary (K-3rd grade)

Stewardship is taking care of what you have
because it all belongs to God!

This week is our final week learning about Stewardship and how this character trait is exercised in our lives.  With each character trait we explore, we are reminded that we are created in God’s image.  This means the characteristics of our Heavenly Father are hard-wired into us.  When we exercise these character traits we illuminate Christ in our lives.

As we explore Matthew 6:25-34, we are reminded to seek God and His Kingdom first.  When you trust God, He will give you everything you need.  In today’s economy more and more families in our community experience the realities of financial strain.  And though this can be a difficult season, there exists an amazing opportunity to live out our faith before an unbelieving world when we trust God to give us everything we need.

This weekend, Create a Rhythm, by teaching your family how to acknowledge (and celebrate) God’s provision.  Grab a notebook or journal and keep it close to the dinner table.  Each time you sit down to dinner, list the needs your family has right now.  Pray together for God’s provision and direction.  With each family meal, review your list and write down each time God provided for your needs.  Celebrate what He’s done.  


Club 45 (4th & 5th Grade)

Epic Fail
Lesson 6:  GOD Never Fails

During the Epic Fail series, we’ve learned a lot!  Things like:

  • how we can fail yet God shines His light through our failures
  • in discovering who we ARE, we also discover who we are NOT.  These are Epic Discoveries, not Epic Failures
  • sin is missing the mark, and that sin is death.  Yet God completely forgives our sin
  • that we are More than conquerors because we’re on the winning team.
  • we are Mighty Warriors because God’s strength is our strength

This week, we focus on God and how He never fails.  We cover a lot of scripture this week to make one singular point.  God is Love.  And Love never fails.  Therefore, God Never Fails!

No matter how much we might fail, we can trust God’s promises.  And He promises to lay down His life for us.  He promises His blood, sweat and tears to us!  Because that’s just what Love does.

This week, Make It Personal, by reading through 1 Corinthians 13.  The section of scripture commonly known as “the Love Chapter”, Paul shares the most important things about life… how to love.  Invite God to show you where you can live out this scripture in your every day life.